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Global Roundup: Chinese Banks Want Big Four Alumni

Big Four auditors: Banks in China want you

While banks in China generally view candidates from KMPG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, and Deloitte as being highly skilled thanks to the on-the-job training they've received.

But while foreign and Chinese banks are trying to poach their staff, the Big Four is fighting back on the salary front. [China]

Editor's Take: Candidates are hijacking Asian hiring

The balance of power in the Asian job market has clearly shifted towards job seekers this year.

In fact the power of some, mainly senior, candidates is now so great that they are turning down offers late into the recruitment process, or even reneging on signed contracts. [Hong Kong]

Banks in Bahrain poised to adopt new bonus rules

In another sign that the Middle East isn't escaping the regulatory crackdown on bonuses, banks in Bahrain will soon have to comply with remuneration recommendations laid out by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS). [Gulf]

UBS: We're doing very well in M&A, but we don't need to grow our M&A team

UBS has overtaken Goldman Sachs and Macquarie this year to clinch top spot in Australian mergers and acquisitions advisory. It has worked on $52bn of local transactions - about 42 per cent of Australia's $124bn M&A market, according to a Bloomberg report. [Australia]

Why EU bonus shake-up could benefit Nordic banks (eventually)

It may not be immediately obvious, but Nordic banks could in time benefit from the tough new bonus edicts being handed down by the Committee of European Banking Supervisors. [Norway]

Deficit of new jobs to new candidates up 40% year on year in November

Good news: there are more new jobs. Bad news: there are more new candidates. Good news: the discrepancy between new jobs and new candidates is now less than it was a few months ago. Bad news: it's still loads higher than last year. [UK]

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