Two more golden rules for working well with recruiters

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Choose recruiters who know about upcoming vacancies

Avoid recruitment firms which only put you forward for existing vacancies because you will be constantly competing against multiple agencies and a larger number of candidates, says Neil Dyball, a manager at Robert Walters' financial Services division.

"Established regional networks allow the agency to deal with the real decision maker, who might be based offshore. This way they will often know about an opening before the local HR team is aware and once again can introduce you before the role goes live," adds Dyball.

The more information, the better

When meeting your recruiter for the first time, be open and honest about your background, experience and career aspirations, says Stella Tang, division manager, financial services, Robert Half. "He or she needs to know as much about your professional life as possible to find the right position for you. What are your salary requirements? Do you prefer working for a large or small firm? Are you willing to travel?"

The information you provide may prompt your recruiter to suggest promising positions or career paths that you may not have previously considered. "You should also disclose to your recruiter any aspects of your work history that may generate concern from prospective employers, such as a long period of unemployment or a termination. The more upfront you are, the easier it will be for your recruiter to assist you," adds Tang.