Global Roundup: Here's a Job With Surging Salaries in Asia

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Here's a job with surging salaries in Asia...

The new year promises to be a bright one for compliance pros in Asia. A shortage of talent and increased demands created by new regulations mean higher earning potential, particularly within investment banking and private banking. [Hong Kong]

The ongoing battle for Scotland's private banking expertise

New entrants are challenging the likes of RBS and others, fueling competition in asset management and a healthy supply of job opportunities. [Scotland]

Techies: Asian banks would dearly love to hear from you

Investment banks in Singapore and Hong Kong are on the prowl for UK-based technology professionals, albeit at a discount. [UK]

Expat bankers in China: Dinosaurs or future stars

International banks in China still need foreign bankers to help establish Shanghai as a banking hub, but demand is limited to senior roles that are light on managing local clients.


No, there is still not about to be a great wave of distressed credit hiring

Despite Credit Suisse's re-emergence in distressed debt and a downgrade in quality of many credit products, a hiring spree in distressed debt may have to wait a while. [UK]

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