Global Roundup: Hedge Funds Know They Need To Hire Compliance Pros

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When Will Hedge Funds Begin Hiring Compliance Staff?

Now that it's been finalized, the EU's Alternative Investment Fund Manager's Directive isn't the autocratic monster hedge funds feared it would be. Still it's no walk in the park, and will place a significant regulatory burden on funds, meaning compliance staff could become the new hot property in alternatives. [UK]

If you want to get paid, go to Asia - or Latin America

Compensation in London has traditionally been high. Goldman Sachs, for example, appears to pay its London people more than it pays those anywhere else. Conversely, compensation in Asia has traditionally been low. After a year of poor performance in Europe, though, this year's pay round is likely to see rebalancing in favor of emerging markets. [UK]

JSE's secret recipe for staff retention

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange keeps its employees content. The JSE, which employs a total of 464 people, has a loyal workforce and virtually zero staff turnover. [South Africa]

Is SCB the place to be in Asian equities?

If you're researching, selling or trading equities on the secondary markets in Asia, chances are that 2010 has been a good year for your career, despite a seasonal recruitment slowdown in the current quarter. [Hong Kong]

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