Global Roundup: European Asset Managers Expecting Bumper Bonuses

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Asset Managers Expecting Bumper Bonuses

The need to think and act globally that comes with the territory of European banking means larger bonuses this year. One recruiter says bonus compensation could reach 20 percent. [UK]

Death of the salesmen: Why private bankers should no longer be product pushers

Private bankers aren't sales people. The only way the private banking model can return to form, post-financial crisis, is when the bankers stop acting like them. [Singapore]

Is Barclays also bluffing about a UK exit?

Will they or won't they? Uncertainty reigns supreme as to whether or not Barclays will escape London's troubled banking sector.


GUEST COMMENT: Face it, you're not good enough to get into M&A

M&A is hiring again. But to succeed in this deal-driven business requires a knack for handling lots of pressure. [UK]

Is SCB the place to be in Asian equities?

Standard Chartered and others are experiencing a surge in business and are hiring in equities in Asia. [Hong Kong]

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