Compliance Experience Pushes IT Auditors Up

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If you're a hybrid technology specialist - a fancy way of saying IT auditor - you can just about write your own ticket. As long as you have compliance experience.

The "hybrid" comes from the notion of being a tech specialist who can audit technology systems. Toss compliance into the mix, and financial firms want you.

"That's something that's a constant need right now," comments Michael Stone, president and national recruiter for IT at New York-based Stone Search LLC. His firm is currently running a search for a hedge fund seeking tech-compliance experience.

Another recruiter concurs, and points out that IT pros without a compliance background aren't in nearly such demand.

"If you're talking about general backgrounds, those people are not hard to find," says a recruiter at a Big Four firm. Compliance specialists "are people who understand that the right technical controls are in place and operating effectively. There's a market for those people."

The requirements recruiters look for in such roles include CISSP certification and knowledge of ERP, SAP, Peoplesoft and Oracle, among other systems. In terms of educational background, a degree in management and information systems is a big plus.