Global Roundup: Regional Banks Expand in China

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Regional Chinese Banks Expand Into First-Tier Cities

Foreign banks are eager to set up branches in second and third-tier cities, but Chinese regional banks are doing the opposite: expanding into larger cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou - creating job opportunities at all levels. [Singapore]

Private Banking: Demand rises, Talent-Supply Doesn't

Private banking is a growth area in Asia, and the view is that the Japanese market is there for the taking, says a local consultant. [Japan]

Scotland to Lose Nearly 400 Jobs In Latest Lloyds Cuts

Lloyds Banking Group is cutting 330 IT jobs in Edinburgh and a further 60 across Rosynth, Glasgow and Dunfermline as part of plans to make 1,600 permanent roles in technology and administration functions redundant. [Scotland]

The Dangers of Wanting (And Accepting) High Salary Increases

One potential danger of taking a large salary hike is that your performance will come under extra scrutiny, especially if you are being paid more than your colleagues in similar roles. And that's not all. [China]

Total Disaster for Morgan Stanley's Trading Aspirations

Based on third-quarter earnings, expect bonuses in Morgan Stanley's sales and trading business to be unprecedentedly small. [UK]

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