Global Roundup: More Counteroffers in China

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Counter offers on the rise in China, but beware the pitfalls

As recruitment rates rise and talent remains in short supply, more foreign banks in China are issuing counter offers to retain resigning staff. But these offers should be treated with caution, suggest recruiters. [China]

"The really big job cuts won't come until January"

Another bank is making redundancies. Admittedly, it's only Standard Bank, so the ripples in London may not be huge, but it's suggestive of a trend. [UK]

Why getting a job in October or November could be a bit tricky

Unlike this time last year, when banks finally opened their hiring floodgates, Q4 2010 should live up to its seasonal reputation and spark a slight decline in recruitment rates in Hong Kong and Singapore. [Singapore]

Stockholm is the best Nordic financial centre

Stockholm is the most competitive financial center (and therefore the most diverse and attractive place to work) in the Nordic region, according to new research. [Denmark]

Citigroup on a hiring spree in South Africa

Citigroup is South Africa's largest foreign bank and is determined to remain just that. The group, which currently employs 370 people in SA, is capitalizing on faster growth in Africa's emerging markets and has been busy recruiting in research, sales and trading to expand its equities business. [South Africa]

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