Global Roundup: Deutsche Bank gives hope to traders everywhere, but isn't paying

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Deutsche Bank gives hope to traders everywhere, but isn't paying

Traders in investment banks should listen very hard to Deutsche's third quarter conference call.

Stefan Krause, Deutsche's CFO, confirmed during the call that things have been much, much better since the start of September. [UK]

Why UBS MDs can't survive on their $1m cash bonus

The FT says some senior UBS bankers are feeling "financially strained." [UK]

HSBC to hire 200 front-office staff in Hong Kong in next six months

HSBC has earmarked HK$75m to double the income it derives from local small and medium-sized enterprises by 2013. The lender will hire 200 frontline staff - mostly relationship managers - over the next six months to support a target addition of 5,700 clients each month. [HK]

Stuck in the Middle: Are bankers in Sydney simply more talented than those in Melbourne?

Recovery, recovery, recovery. Everyone is talking about it. Stock markets are up. The Eurozone doesn't seem likely to default just yet. America is out of recession. Asian GDP is growing, and as an extension, Australia's resources market is booming. While there are good reasons to still be skeptical about the supposed recovery, business confidence seems to be improving.


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