Global Roundup: Japan Feeling the Brunt as Tech Jobs Exit

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Finance Tech Jobs Flee Japan

Finance tech jobs in Japan have been steadily moving to other parts of Asia for some time, and now it seems Tokyo is losing out to Hong Kong and Singapore in more sectors than ever before. [Japan]

BNY Mellon Enters Canada

BNY Mellon is making its first foray into Canada's wealth management market, hoping to tap into the fifth-largest population of millionaires worldwide with the planned acquisition of I3 Advisors of Toronto. [Canada]

Traders Facing Rough Road in U.K.

For traders focused on market making, it is not good. Last weekend, the Financial Times quoted 'a banker' who said that 2009 was an aberration. Since then, Deutsche Bank has revealed that its trading revenues plunged in July and August. Figures provided for us by the LSE reveal that volumes on the first 12 trading days of September were down 11% year on year.

[<a href= target-_blankUnited Kingdom]

<Who is Ashok Aram?

Ashok Aram has taken the helm at Deutsche Bank's MENA operations, replacing Henry Azzam who moves into the role of non-executive chairman for the region.

[Middle East]

Fuzzy Picture for Scotland's Back Office Pros

You can't stop progress, but back office staff at Adam & Co's Edinburgh office will be cursing parent company RBS's decision to roll out new technology that has prompted it to axe 130 roles.


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