Thursday's Headlines: Brevan Howard's Partners Are Doing Very Well, Thank You

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Brevan Howard Asset Management is thriving despite the hedge fund fallout. The largest hedge fund manager in Europe doled out $133 million in bonuses to 45 partners over an eight-month span through March 2009. During that period the firm grew its assets under management to $31.8 billion and generated a 19 percent return for investors. [Bloomberg]

Goldman Sachs' prop trading desk won't become a hedge fund any time soon. As the bank tries to figure out what to do with Goldman Sachs Principal Strategies, observers say the top priority will be "finding places for prop traders to work." [Finalternatives]

Diversity is on the minds of regulators. The SEC, Federal Reserve and other agencies will enact programs designed to increase the number of hiring and contracting opportunities for minorities and women. New programs were tucked into the financial reform bill. [LA Times]

Wall Street's compensation may face scrutiny (again). House Financial Services Committee Chair Barney Frank plans hearings aimed at determining whether regulators have implemented new pay rules afforded to them under Dodd-Frank. [Washington Post]

Standard Chartered launched a training program aimed at developing future millionaires. The program, catering toward the children of the bank's private-banking clients, is similar to those started by Citigroup and UBS aimed at capitalizing on Asia's wealth, which is expected to soar over the next few years. [BusinessWeek]

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