Killer Interview Question: If You Died Tomorrow, What Would You Want Said at Your Funeral?

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This question was asked by a multinational financial consultancy to an unsuspecting candidate interviewing for a corporate finance advisory position.

And the candidate's response was:

Umm, well, I guess it would be cool [inward cringe] if they said that I was a stand-up fellow, who'd made a lot of people happy, err, not by dying, and...yeah, that's what I'd want said.

Did He Get the Job?

Alas, my earnest and articulate response did not win the interviewers' approval and I had to search for greener pastures elsewhere. It's now seven years later, and I still don't think I've been asked a question that flummoxed me like that one. In my defense, it was very early in my career and the question took me completely by surprise.

A Better Answer?

It seems vaguely possible that my response could have been improved upon.

"We are gathered here to celebrate the life of John, who just last night invented a resurrection serum. Now if everyone can just step into the function room to your left, John will be able to thank you all personally for coming."

What would you say in answer to this question? Leave your response in the comments box below.</I

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