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Killer interview question: Could you work as a developer if Google was banned in this bank?

A hiring manager asked a candidate this question during an interview for a C#/.NET developer role in a large international bank in Asia.

The question in full

Would you be able to work, code and deliver if I tell you that Google is banned in this organisation?

What the hiring manager thinks are the best and worst answers

Best: "No"

Worst: Saying "yes" and then not being able to answer the most basic object-oriented programming concepts.

Did the manager give the candidate the job?

I actually hired the candidate who answered no; that's for being truthful, and secondly he was pretty solid.

What would you say in answer to this question? Leave your response in the comments box below.

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AUTHOReFinancialCareers Singapore Insider Comment
  • Aw
    28 August 2010

    There are many other search engines available on web if others are also not allowed to use then definitely no

  • Ne
    27 August 2010

    Please put some useful content here

    This is only a "killer" question because it is a technical question and is an useless career/interview tip for anyone not in programming/apps.

  • AK
    27 August 2010

    Finally a superb-functional comment posted here, true to the ground; Google being a developer's rice bowl, the potential candidate would have to access this rice bowl outside the bank via data connectivity.

  • yu
    27 August 2010

    "Yes if I could resort to Yahoo instead, otherwise no."

  • An
    27 August 2010

    Of course It can be done.
    You need access to these only:

    1. MSDN (Not the online version : On the disk version)
    2. Access to a search-able online library. (e.g. Safari)

    The forums are mostly useless. I would rather not fit some other solution to my problem.

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