Global Roundup: Jump to Front Office Used as Retention Carrot

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Banks Retaining Back Office Staff With Promises of Front Office Moves [UK]

Investment banks are being forced to roll out an increasing number of incentives to stop their back office staff jumping ship. As well as salary rises, a potential front office move is being used as a carrot to keep people on board.

Private Bankers Demand Guaranteed Bonuses (And Get Them) [HK]

A fiercely competitive job market for private bankers in Asia, particularly in Singapore, is forcing many firms to offer guaranteed performance-related bonuses to attract new recruits. Headhunters say it's an unintended consequence of headcount expansion plans by HSBC, UBS, Credit Suisse, Citi, Morgan Stanley and others.

It's Been a Very Good Quarter For Financial Technology Pay [UK]

Financial technology recruiter JM Group has just produced its quarterly insight into investment banking IT pay and it looks to have been a very good one - salary increases of up to 40 percent have been on the table. The primary reason: a proliferation of counter-offers for both permanent and contract roles, it says.

The Hong Kong v. Mainland Pay Gap: It's Not As Simple As It Seems [China]

The salary difference is greatest among junior banking staff with less than five years' experience. The base pay gap averages about 60 percent at junior levels, drops to about 20 per cent for middle management and disappears entirely for the senior management level, whre mainland bankers are sometimes paid more than their Hong Kong counterparts.

Five Roles Surviving the Summer Lull [UK]

Roles still in demand during August's recruitment dog days include equity research, product control, prime broking, middle office roles within asset management, and change management.

Three More Hot Jobs For The Second Half [HK]

Control room compliance, a range of finance technology roles, and ECM analysts join the list of jobs in demand in Hong Kong over the remainder of 2010. A previous article noted demand for product control, back-office change management and private banking professionals.

Who Hired in the Middle East in July? [Middle East]

Brokerage and asset management were among the more active sectors in Mideast recruitment last month. Employers that announced hires include Arab Bank, Barclays Wealth, Citigroup, Doha Bank, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Global Investment House, Lloyds Banking Group, National Bank of Abu Dhabi and Shuaa Capital.

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