Global Roundup: Hedge Funds In Singapore Won't Hire Bankers

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Are You a Banker Searching For a Hedge Fund Job? You Might Want To Give Up [Singapore]

There are flickers of new growth in Singapore's hedge fund sector, but recruitment rates remain fairly low and the industry is almost impenetrable for investment bankers in search of a career change.

Chinese Banks Boost Their Hiring in Britain [China]

Chinese banks are expanding their British business units to meet the needs of commercial and individual clients in the UK. This growth is in turn creating more UK-based employment opportunities.

Bonfire of the Brokerages [Middle East]

Now is not a good time to work as a broker in the GCC. Slumping trading volumes, which last year saw a number of firms collapse or make redundancies, have continued into 2010 and further closures are expected.

Standard Chartered Seeks 1,000 New Staff In China By End of 2010 [China]

Standard Chartered wants to recruit as many as 1,000 new staff in mainland China by year-end, its China head of human resources tells eFinancialCareers.

This Year's Analyst Bonuses, And What They Say About Bonuses For Everyone Else [UK]

After a slight delay, analyst bonuses in IBD have now been announced. Our conclusion: Year-end bonuses for other front-office staff will not be good. This is the year that banks will get serious about reducing "performance pay" in line with salaries.

Is This The Hottest Skillset In The City Right Now? [UK]

Forget equity research or prime brokerage sales, the most sellable skillset in the City this summer may be knowledge of IFRS 9 accounting rules.

China Career Update: The Most Sought-After Front-Office Job Functions in China Are... [HK]

Corporate finance, private equity (professionals with at least six years' experience), private banking, corporate banking (experienced relationship mangers servicing local corporations).

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