Tuesday's Headlines: Social Media As a Financial Career Tool

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Using Social Media To Accelerate Your Career In Finance [SmartBlog on Social Media]

Having a visible online identity that attracts the kinds of opportunities you want while you are a passive and high-value candidate is a great career-management strategy, says Cindy Kraft, career coach to CFOs.

Securities Sector Seeks To Fend Off SEC Drive [FT]

Career prospects for either structuring or managing portfolios of asset-backed securities depend how far the SEC goes in restricting the private marketing of those securities to professional investors. The agency has proposed to abolish the private ABS market and require full public disclosure for all such deals. An industry group is drafting a counter-proposal that would allow larger institutions but not smaller ones to continue buying ABS in private transactions.

A Film That Explores Humanity on Wall Street [NY Times]

That's the concept behind a new independent film, Margin Call. It stars Kevin Spacey as one of a group of traders forced to make high-stakes choices during the financial crisis.

Four Ways to Explain Gaps in Your Resume [Going Concern]

The author recommends part-time or volunteer work, updating your online resume once a week to keep it near the top of job-board search results by employers and recruiters, never lying about your background or previous job tenure, and remembering that "Recent gaps in your resume are not scarlet letters (like they would have been in 2007) for your chances of landing an interview."

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