IRS YouTube Playlist Spotlights Job Opportunities

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The Internal Revenue Service has taken its recruiting effort multi-media via YouTube. A new YouTube playlist called "Working at the IRS" helps new graduates explore careers at the federal tax agency. The playlist features "day in the life" videos in which IRS employees discuss their jobs, the diversity of the IRS workforce and the culture of the agency.

Many large private-sector employers also post videos that aim to give prospective new employees a richer picture of life inside the firm. Ernst & Young ran a campus video competition in 2007 and launched an interactive careers website that integrates many videos, in March 2008.

Going beyond job descriptions, the new IRS video clips give applicants first-hand insight into whether or not they would be a good fit for a particular position, says James Falcone, chief human capital officer.

The tax agency isn't a newcomer to video. It already has a YouTube channel aimed at taxpayers, "IRSvideos," offering tips for individuals and businesses about law changes and other tax topics.

The IRS has more than 100,000 full-time and seasonal employees and hires new employees throughout the year to fill a wide array of positions, including revenue agents, revenue officers, criminal investigation special agents, financial analysts and economists.