Look Who's Turning Out for The Donald's Next 'Apprentice'

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I'm not sure this is a particularly good career move:

Former employees of Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch & Co., Morgan Stanley and Bear Stearns Cos. were among more than 500 men and women lined up outside Trump's building in Manhattan on April 1 to audition for 14 spots on "The Apprentice." Many of the would-be contestants slept under blankets on the sidewalk outside of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue because the first 500 were guaranteed interviews.

Seems that Donald Trump's reality show is coming back to offer hope to those displaced the recession. Personally, I think the timing's about a year too late, though it's true many a New Yorker is still posting his resume and drinking beer at networking events in his quest to get back into the game. And while I can see how being a prospective Apprentice could be an interesting conversation starter, even in a job interview, I have to think it would be a tad distracting to chase The Donald around when you could be out looking for a real job. But then, some people do have a certain way of looking at their potential.

By the way, they're auditioning prospective apprentices in Las Vegas and Detroit, too. If some of these people have mortgages underwater, the dynamics could be interesting.

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