True Story: Guy Walks into the Back Office and Decides It's Not Pretty Enough...

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To those of us reading tea leaves on the state of the job market, Clusterstock's Courtney Comstock offers this little gem: A guy walks into Morgan Stanley's back office in Brooklyn, decides it's "crappy" and looks like "the Jersey Shore." Also, he only wants to work with "attractive" people - and apparently there aren't any. Says Courtney:

What this really shows is how the spirit of desperation has departed from financial job seekers. A year ago, it would have been hard to imagine a job seeker rejecting an office of a prominent Wall Street firm because he didn't like how people dressed.

Since it's not clear whether the guy - let's call him "Vinny" - was even offered a job, I'm more apt to think what this really shows is how the spirit of bluster may be returning to some quarters. You've got to wonder how this one got in the door. I was going to say maybe he knew Snooki, but I hear she's at AIG.

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