How Not To Stand Out In a Banking Job Interview, Chapter 47

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There's something about finance that brings out the bluster and bravado not only in battle-tested traders, but even in college students seeking their first job or summer internship.

The latest anecdote in the Alexey Vayner genre was related to me last week by a hiring manager at a mid-size broker-dealer.

One candidate said he expected a $120,000 offer and intended to hold out for one. "If I don't land a good enough job in another three months, I'll go to medical school for awhile," he told his interviewer.

The kid showed up wearing a suit that cost at least $800 - and sneakers. Someone must have told him to try anything to stand out. "I'll bet he stood out the same way as someone who walks in with something dangling out of his nose," I averred. My friend agreed.

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