Asset Management Candidates: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Today's ideal asset management recruit is good not only at math but languages as well. And, says Financial News, the most successful candidates will come off as earnest, serious, and even paternalistic.

"He or she will be shrewd, factual and unswayed by emotions. Such a person will enjoy speculating with large sums of other people's money. Oddly enough, many of them will be happy to describe this money as 'theirs,'" according to the report, whose tone remains largely tongue-in-cheek while reminding readers that opportunities are rising as asset managers turn once more to hiring.

What to showcase: solid analytical skills and industry certifications. Show off your Chartered Financial Analyst or accountancy certification, and mention any other degrees you're working toward. Be serious, not slick. Clever and fast-talking may be unappealing; calm and diligent is more likely to win the day.

Don't seem fixed on making a bundle, but suggest you want the job for its own sake, an HR professional advises, and try and find opportunities to show how you have been (and will be) a true team player.

These days, it's also not unusual for candidates to speak three languages fluently. So if you've got that ability, flaunt it.

Characteristics you'll definitely not want to underscore:

- Your agility timing the market. Long term investing should be your strong suit.

- A lack of computer expertise. You should clearly excel in Excel.

- Distaste for travel.

This is a business that will help you make the most of your frequent flyer miles.

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