The News: An Example of How Too Much Confidence Can Be a Bad Thing

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Remember Alexi Vayner? He's the guy who sent out a video resume a few years ago that was so self-aggrandizing, so over-the-top, dictionary writers almost had to create a new term for "extra extra hubris." The lesson to investment banking hopefuls everywhere: Treading the line between confident and ludicrous isn't particularly narrow.

And now, we have Jeremy King promising Goldman Sachs, "I will achieve greatness."

Since his letter surfaced last week, Mr. King's received his fair share of, um, glory on Wall Street's blogs. In fairness, he seems a bit more grounded about the reaction his application received once it came to light. He told Wall Street Oasis, "...whether people out there are actually looking at it or laughing at it - it doesn't bother me. Because at the same time, (people have told him to look at smaller firms and) smaller firms are more realistic for me anyway."

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