People: Talwar Leaves Citibank for P-to-P Lender

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Nick Talwar becomes chief revenue officer of He was head of Citibank Sweden [Prosper]

Ray Potter join Hodes Weill & Associates as a principal. He'll focus on the property underwriting, due diligence and principal investment activities. [Hodes Weill via BW]

Rahul Jasuja becomes vice president of corporate development at Idera Pharmaceuticals. Previosuly, he was a managing director of life sciences for MDB Capital Group.[The Deal]


Kevin Parker is Global Head of Deutsche Bank's Asset Management

Larry Bohrer is vice president of Charles Schwab Stock Plan Services

John Olert is Group Managing Director and head of Global Structured Credit for Fitch Ratings.

Jim Hogan is managing director of GE Capital, Corporate Retail Finance

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