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It's that time of year when evening excursions beckon - even if sandwiched between crunching numbers at one's desk. If you're new to New York, or just don't get out enough, ClusterStock recently compiled a handy annotated slide show of 17 watering holes frequented by Wall Streeters.

Although ClusterStock's Vince Veneziani and John Carney begin their write-up with an emphasis on consuming the product - inviting viewers to "See Where Wall Street Gets Hammered" - we would add that visiting the right bars can also help lubricate, and even expand, one's professional contact base.

A sampling from their guide:

- Ulysses Folk House on Pearl Street, described as a "preppy pub" where bankers favor high-end whiskey

- The bar in the W Hotel on Union Square, a "swanky" establishment frequented by members of Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse (but where $15 shots of Hennessy have displaced $30 shots of Remy Martin since banks pulled back from sponsoring employees' imbibing)

- The recently opened Dubliner on Stone Street, an Irish party pub opened last March and favored by GFI Group, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley bankers.

- The also recently opened Johnny Utah on West 51st Street, a Tex-Mex saloon (complete with mechanical bull) that ClusterStock says is quickly taking over from Rosie O'Grady's as "the go to spot for UBS folks."

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