Is Dating Bankers Back in Style?

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With economic numbers, bank profits and bonus expectations all on the upswing, the Fashion Meets Finance party has lately elbowed aside the Pink Slip Party as the "it" event on Manhattan's social scene.

"The balance is restoring itself to the ecosystem of the New York dating community," proclaims the two-year-old group behind a series of singles events restricted to fashion women and finance men (or the reverse). "It might be a year before bonuses start inflating themselves again, but it will happen.... Hold on. It will only be a couple more years until you can quit your job and become a tennis mom."

It was barely six months ago that the New York Times touted Dating a Banker Anonymous, a support group for 20-something women whose banker boyfriends were losing their income or their nerve amid the financial meltdown.

Single New Yorkers are America's social trend-setters. Does the revival of Fashion Meets Finance signal that bankers are regaining their former cachet in the eyes of the population at large?

If so, might Congress and the Obama administration feel a need to retool their respective approaches toward re-regulating the industry?