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Is Dating Bankers Back in Style?

With economic numbers, bank profits and bonus expectations all on the upswing, the Fashion Meets Finance party has lately elbowed aside the Pink Slip Party as the "it" event on Manhattan's social scene.

"The balance is restoring itself to the ecosystem of the New York dating community," proclaims the two-year-old group behind a series of singles events restricted to fashion women and finance men (or the reverse). "It might be a year before bonuses start inflating themselves again, but it will happen.... Hold on. It will only be a couple more years until you can quit your job and become a tennis mom."

It was barely six months ago that the New York Times touted Dating a Banker Anonymous, a support group for 20-something women whose banker boyfriends were losing their income or their nerve amid the financial meltdown.

Single New Yorkers are America's social trend-setters. Does the revival of Fashion Meets Finance signal that bankers are regaining their former cachet in the eyes of the population at large?

If so, might Congress and the Obama administration feel a need to retool their respective approaches toward re-regulating the industry?

AUTHOReFinancialCareers News Insider Comment
  • ig
    25 August 2009

    This blog post is reason, all by itself, that bankers*need* to find themselves destitute and desperate. Pathetic.

  • Cl
    19 August 2009 joke....I-banking is so passe. Move on and DO something to impact the world...not just shuffle intangible $ around (unless you take delivery on your trades as an ag, farmer, utility, etc).

    32 y-o female ex banker.

  • FA
    19 August 2009

    To Form 1040 rules:

    Sorry, my friend; I am a banker (and yes, a well paid, employed one). No jealousy here....been there, done that.

    I've grown up and become an adult, who thinks a little bit beyond the next bonus cycle and considers how this industry justifies itself and its value to the economy.

    How about you?

  • Fo
    18 August 2009

    Sounds like someone's jealous of us bankers.

  • FA
    FASB133 rules
    17 August 2009

    I have to believe that this blog posting is a joke, or at least a leap on April Fool's.

    If not, this is the most puerile, infantile, and downright stupidest piece of dreck I have ever seen on any financial website.

    Are you kidding? Are you actually suggesting that that financial regulation would be "re-thought" because it gets in the way of bug-eyed, overweight, somewhat sociopathic, pasty bankers thinking they can get dates with "hotties"?

    Get a life. Better yet, get a real job, where you actually have to produce something for a living.

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.