The News: Seizing or Shielding Ill-Gotten Gains

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Big Game Asset Hunters [BusinessWeek]

Demand for asset hunters is booming as victims of mushrooming financial frauds seek redress through asset forfeiture suites, touted by some as "private law enforcement."

Wells Confirms Jump to Investment Banking []

Hoover's IPO Scorecard Reveals Continued Year-Over-Year Decline for 2009 [Hoover's, via BW]


Citigroup unveils Asia chiefs [FT]

David J. Bell Joins Capstone Advisory Group, LLC [Capstone, via PRN]

Greg McGowan Joins KBS Capital Markets Group as Regional Vice President [KBS Capital Markets, via BW]

Michelangelo Volpi Joins Index Ventures as Partner [Index Ventures, via PRN]

Carnegie Strengthens Its Research and Equity Sales [Carnegie Investment Bank, via BW]