'You're Hired' Anecdotes - A Bit of Color

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Two weeks ago I relayed a friend in transition's remark that three of his friends landed financial jobs in New York of late. For what it's worth, here are additional details about how two of those hires came about.

One new hire is an MBA student at a local university. A friend of his in the same program learned of a prime brokerage opening at a top-tier bank that wasn't a fit for him. So he passed contact information along to his friend, who worked the phones and now has the job.

My source observes (from his second-hand perspective) that although the university connection was key there, "it wasn't a direct on campus recruiting catalyst. I would call it basically good old fashioned networking."

Another of my friend's associates came aboard in March at a top UK-based institution's New York office. That individual spoke with everyone he knew until he eventually found the one who was hiring. Chalk up another for old-fashioned networking. (My source didn't reveal that person's specialty or the nature of his new role.)

A footnote: One of my friend's just-hired contacts told him, "Something just opened up here." My friend, whose background is in fund and derivatives administration and has been in transition since autumn, sent his resume and quickly got a telephone interview. I'm hoping his next "found-a-job" anecdote will be about himself.