The News: Don't Hold Your Breath

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Is the Treasury Secretary Geithner about to lay another egg, as he did back in February when he announced a financial stability plan long on verbiage but short on specifics?

Bloomberg News has a prominent story this morning whose headline blares that Geithner is calling for 'very substantial' change in Wall Street's compensation model.

The Treasury Secretary just gave Bloomberg TV a wide-ranging interview that's set to air tonight and over the weekend. However, rather than revealing anything new, the interview reads like a mere curtain-raiser for the administration's actual reform proposals, whose content will be announced in coming weeks.

The only detail I noticed that may not have been previously reported elsewhere is a mid-June target for rolling out the administration's plan to help realign pay with performance.

Geithner Calls for 'Very Substantial' Change in Wall Street Pay [Bloomberg]

Career advice from Goldman's star execs [Fortune]

Star execs who are female, that is.

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Evercore's Altman Gives Up CEO Post [WSJ]

Ralph L. Schlosstein, co-founder of BlackRock, has taken over as chief executive, as Evercore moves to expand in asset-management and other areas outside its core advisory practice.

Brought In to Lead AIG in Upheaval, Liddy to Resign [Washington Post]

Can BofA CEO Ken Lewis Keep His Job? [Business Week]

For now, Washington is angling to push him out, while the company's board is on his side. Financial results over the next few quarters could tip the balance either way.

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