The News: In-House Watchdogs Rise (?)

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Ever since mortgage and credit portfolios began blowing up in 2007, there have been sporadic headlines claiming compliance departments are gaining influence among top decision-makers. However, the anecdotal voices we hear from the trenches are skeptical for the most part. Tuesday's Financial Times revives the theme, contending that compliance, legal and risk departments "are starting to be seen as critical backstops that can keep already weakened financial services companies out of further trouble and perhaps fend off intrusive new regulatory reform." It remains to be seen whether career prospects for professionals in these departments will get a discernible lift.

Banks invest in compliance and risk monitors [Financial Times]


Pay Limits May Apply To Toxic-Asset Relief Program, Report Says [ Washington Post]

Citing Treasury Department lawyers, Bailout Inspector General Barofsky's report says investment firms that buy assets or borrow from Fed's new loan facilities "could be subject to the executive compensation restrictions" - contrary to past assurances from the Obama administration.

Fresh questions on Pandit's future at Citi [Financial Times]

FDIC officials reportedly discussed replacing the CEO if his bank needed still more government aid.

Wall Street's Elite Head to Campus - For Jobs [Time]

Commentary: Why U.S. banks need to pull back from lending - now [MarketWatch]

ICAP Loses 85% of Mortgage Bond Trading to Dealerweb [Bloomberg News]


Jon Karis Joins Conifer Securities as Director of Prime Brokerage [Conifer Securities (via PRNewswire)]

David A. Shiffman Joins Miller Buckfire as Managing Director [Miller Buckfire (via PRNewswire)]

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