The News: Clouds Loom Over Money Management

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Money managers will have to cut staffs further, despite the past week's market uptick. Their challenge is to avoid cutting into the bones of their firm.

Firms realizing more cuts needed to ensure survival [Pensions & Investments]

JPMorgan to Repay TARP Money Before Buying Jets [Dealbook]

Make a Deal With the Mob [Daily Beast]

Aide: Obama might nix bonus taxes [The Deal]

If handled correctly, bonuses can be good all around [MarketWatch]

Partners vote to end Wolf Block [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Strangers Lend a Hand to Job Seekers [Career Journal]


J.P. Morgan's Global Head of Tech M&A Quits [Deal Journal]

Ex-Bear Stearns execs launch Stone Key [The Deal]

Corey M. Martens Joins Alvarez & Marsal Dispute Analysis & Forensic Services in Chicago [A&M]

Steven G. Panagos Becomes MD, Vice Chairman at Moelis & Company [Moelis]

Piper Jaffray Announces Addition of Erik Carneal to Business Services Group [Piper Jaffray]

Dennis Dammerman Is Chairman of Municipal and Infrastructure Assurance Corporation [MIAC - PDF]

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