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We've all heard plenty about greedy financiers who brought the world to its knees. Well, it's time the peddlers of that cartoon-like stereotype heard from the rest of us.

You're in finance. Are you there mostly because you expect to make more money than you could earn in a different profession? Or, are (or were) you doing work that you love? Or is it a combination of both?

If you don't love the kind of work you do, then do you know someone in finance who does? Tell us about him or her: role, years in the business, personality. You needn't even mention their name. (But I for one, hope you will mention the employer. We'd all like to hear about an employer it's possible to love working for.)

Caricatures are funny when they're about somebody else. In this case, though, the ugly images prevalent in the news media are about you and me. And unlike the caricaturist's booth at the county fair, we didn't voluntarily sit down to be sketched. So let's band together and do our part to overwrite the media's funhouse-mirror portrayal of our profession, with a picture that's both more nuanced and more real.

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