Big Company Veterans at Small Firms

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The fact you've spent years in the bulge-bracket world may be a sign of stability to some, but the leaders of small companies may see things another way. According to The Wall Street Journal, many small firms tend to see applicants from big firms as a bad fit.

Smaller employers often assume big-company veterans prefer a highly structured workplace, plentiful perks and extensive organizational support. To overcome such stereotypes, you must portray yourself as a self-starter.

To show you can succeed in a start-up or mid-size company culture, demonstrate your flexibility and, above all, show examples of how you were able to manage multiple tasks on risky projects. If you were part of an effort that faced significant headwind within the company - but still managed to make it a success, use it as an illustration of the wherewithal you have to make it in a small business. You'll also have to show you're willing to get your hands dirty with your co-workers.

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