What If You Had to Return Your Bonus?

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How (if at all) would your life change if you had to give back your 2008 bonus?

Various elected officials are exploring "every possible legal means and otherwise" (Sen. Dodd's wording) for forcing rank-and-file bankers, traders and other marked men and women to give back their "shameful" bonuses.

If you worked for your current financial-sector employer throughout 2008 and received or are on the verge of receiving a discretionary bonus for last year, how would your personal finances and spending be affected if you were forced to return your bonus payment to the government?

Please answer as concretely as possible. And, please provide some information about your bonus amount (such as the percent of base you received), and describe in general the business segment you work in, the type of employer, and your level within the organization. (If you aren't comfortable posting this kind of information in the forum, then you can email us privately at useditor@efinancialcareers.com )

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