The News: The Good and Bad at Deutsche

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Deutsche Bank's snagging of 12 bankers from Merrill Lynch may be just the beginning. Deal Journal quotes Deutsche's head of FIG, Jorge Calderon, as saying the bank needs to get ready for a wave of consolidation among U.S. banks.

"There needs to be some consolidation in the banking system in the U.S.," Calderon said. "There are too many small banks." Deutsche Bank also believes that many merging banks will need the kind of services that a giant investment bank can provide: a sherpa to guide executives through the credit markets and advice on how to manage risks in portfolios of bank loans and other bundled credit.

I love it when big banks talk about the need to absorb small banks.

Anyway, the Deal's Baz Hiralal notes while things look good for Deutsche's FIG group, its proprietary trading desk, corporate banking and securities, and asset and wealth management units are in the crosshairs. They all lost billions. "So don't be surprised if the bank cuts loose traders and others while stocking up on dealmakers and advisers," Hiralal writes.

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