The News: A New Way to Incent Performance!

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Maybe all this government intervention was really a big mindfrak. It wasn't only about "bailouts" and "financial system integrity," it was about incentive, too. Because now there's a new undercurrent on the street: There's a lot of talk about returning TARP funds early so your bank can get out from under government restrictions.

Goldman, Others Getting Aid Are Eager to Pay It All Back [WSJ]

Obama says the upside's not like it used to be, at least if you're taking his money... [NY Times] boutiques and banks without government money are the places to be [WSJ]

Dealmaking this year will be 'tepid...' [FinancialWeek]

...but maybe not as bad as it's been in past downturns [NY Times]

Goldman's hedge fund confab moves from Miami to New York [WSJ]

Judd Gregg likes H1-Bs. A lot. [eWeek]

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