Should U.S. Nationalize Banks?

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Propping them up with taxpayer-funded capital injections didn't help enough, it seems. Now there's growing talk (from both major political parties) about nationalizing the most troubled of the big banks.

Nationalization is tantamount to full governmental control of an institution - presumably, with the idea of whipping it into shape for eventual return to the private sector, via an IPO or other means. That was done successfully with freight-railroad Conrail some two decades ago. To a degree, it's also what happens when the FDIC takes over failing institutions (although in that case the institutions generally are broken up and their assets sold off as quickly as possible).

Is nationalization the best remaining option to stave off collapse of one or more of the biggest banks?

If you are / were out of work, would you consider applying to work at a bank that was nationalized?

If you work for an institution that becomes nationalized, how do you think it would affect your prospects for compensation and advancement in that company? Would you redouble your efforts to find employment elsewhere? (Be realistic.)

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