Are Paid Services to the Jobless Ethical?

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As the global recession deepens, so is a new professional niche: providing services to job-seekers, from social networking forums to resume makeovers and career-change advice.

Many service providers (eFinancialCareers among them) don't charge job-seekers any fees. But other established services for seekers do come at a price - the career coaching industry comes to mind. And some newer venues seem to occupy a gray area: they're free for now, but may begin charging for certain services once their business model is fully built out.

Is it ethical for anyone to charge fees for providing any type of services to individuals who are currently jobless? If so, which particular sorts of services - such as job leads, online or in-person networking opportunities, or interviewing advice - do you think jobless people should have to pay for, and which should be funded exclusively by someone other than job-seekers?

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