Some Hedge Funds Are Hiring, Even Now

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Most hedge funds lost money last year. So hiring must be in lockdown mode throughout the sector, right? Wrong.

"We're looking for all talent related to the hedge fund space," says New York recruiter Kyle Ramkissoon, principal and founding member of IJC Partners (a search firm, not a hedge fund firm).

Despite a "huge slowdown" in overall openings and hiring, some fund firms are going against the grain by expanding staff, Ramkissoon says in an email. Also, a number of smaller, lesser known funds are looking to acquire top talent that wouldn't have considered those employers due to size, strategy or location.

Areas of demand include risk management, compliance, and quants who can build high-frequency, front-line trading applications.

"Of course, all of this is subject to change based on the redemption picture" in 2009, he adds. "But as of now there are openings and my team is working diligently to find talent for the seats open."

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