Mergis Launches TARP Recruiting Team

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It was only a matter of time before the recruiting industry moved to seize opportunities presented by TARP and related government programs to boost the financial system and the economy.

Mergis Group, a nationwide recruiting firm with a niche in finance and accounting, says it's launched a "TARP and Government Bailout Talent Delivery Team" to help companies fill slots associated with the U.S. government's Troubled Assets Relief Program and government stimulus programs. Corporations make up the client base, since the government itself generally doesn't hire through external recruiters.

Brendan Courtney, Mergis senior vice president and group executive, leads the team of several investment banking, legal and government executives whose sole focus is developing and servicing TARP and government stimulus program-related business.

"The creation of the TARP initiative and government stimulus programs have added a new dimension and subsequent need for strong finance and accounting, mortgage and legal professionals, much like how Sarbanes Oxley did in 2002," says Courtney.

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