Are Dating Skills Transferable to Job Hunt?

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eFC guest author Jenny Herring, a financial writer and public relations professional currently "in transition," created a stir with a Dec. 29 article, Dating For Jobs. Its premise was that finding the perfect job is a demanding "sales game" that has much in common with finding the perfect date or future mate.

The article offered tips for overcoming various self-defeating emotions brought on by both job-hunting and dating - feelings of defensiveness, desperation, obsession with the quest, and self-flagellation.

What do you think? Did emotional pitfalls ever derail your job-search efforts? Is overcoming negative emotions a difficult challenge that coaches and other career experts too often neglect?

And, do "the rules" of date-hunting transfer reasonbly well to the task of landing a good job? (If so, does that make us eFC writers the job-market equivalent of Mystery Man?)

What about the reverse? Did the interviewing and other skills you picked up while pursuing better employment ever help you get better dates?