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If you're looking for a way to utilize your analytical skills and the Madoff story makes you hopping mad, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has a broad list of openings with your name on them. But you'd best act fast, because most of those career doors are set to shut on Jan. 16.

For example, the FBI is inviting financial analysts to apply for current openings in 17 U.S. cities that involve exposing white-collar crime and public corruption. Those analysts investigate "business enterprises and Federal, state, city and local government, agencies, individuals and officials who are involved in illegal activities which result in economic and/or financial losses and fall under the authority of the FBI," says the description published on the bureau's careers Web site. Senior-level analyst roles also involve coordinating actions with FBI field agents, U.S. Attorneys and other federal agencies to build cases, and testifying in court as a subject-matter expert.

That's just one of eight separate job classifications that require financial or accounting expertise, included in the FBI's hiring blitz announced early this month.

Postings State Salary Ranges

Some of the jobs sit near the top of the federal service pay scale. For example, a financial manager opening in Dallas is GS-13 level, with a published salary range of $84,703 to $110,115. Candidates must have an accounting degree, leadership experience, and at least one year of experience in budgeting, financial analysis of programs, developing long-range financial organizations, and preparing financial reports.

Supervisory budget analyst openings in Clarksburg, W.V., and Wash., D.C., are GS-14 level, with a published base salary range of $83,445 to $108,483. Candidates must have served as a senior budget analyst advising and guiding managers on resource allocation, and must have leadership experience.

Other FBI openings posted this past week include accounting analyst, accounting and budget technician, auditor, and budget analyst. Their grade levels range from GS-6 through GS-13, with published pay ranges of $30,125 to $104,525. Most require an accounting degree, CPA or Certified Internal Auditor certificate, and/or accounting or auditing experience.

Special Agents Sought

The bureau also plans to hire several hundred Special Agents. That posting names "accounting/finance" among 10 "critical skills" needed to qualify for these on-the-ground law enforcement and investigative roles.

The FBI announced Jan. 5 that it has vacancies for some 2,100 professional staff employees and 850 special agents. Applicants must be U.S. citizens. Deadline for most applications is Jan. 16, and the bureau hopes to conclude the process by this Sept. 30. It's especially eager to acquire people with foreign language fluency and advanced computer skills.

Separately, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency also is angling to hire financial professionals. It hasn't posted those openings, but is working to connect with candidates through industry channels.

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