Would you take a pay cut to save your bank?

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What's worse for your career (and your ego) - being thrown on the redundancy scrapheap, or having your salary slashed by a quarter?

That was the dilemma faced by CLSA staff who were told to take a massive pay cut or risk taking a hike.

The firm's top-500 employees were asked to say whether they'd accept a 15%, 20%, or 25% reduction for next year.

Which one of these lovely options sounds the most appealing to you? For CLSA, the first cut is the deepest: they chose the full 25% to keep their dear firm alive.

And Jonathan Slone, chief executive of CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, thinks losing all this money will keep his workers happy. "This scheme is a great way to create an internal bond among staff and get them moving in the same direction." (Financial Times)

Would you give your pay away like a good CLSA employee? Get generous below.

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