Time For YOU to Leave Dodge?

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Is the escalating worldwide financial mess altering your own career plans?

With concerns about the health of financial institutions growing by the day, even after massive government intervention using both central bank and taxpayer resources, job security is taking a severe hit even for those who still have jobs. What's more, compensation prospects for most financial market professionals appear to have taken a dive - not only in the short term (meaning bonuses for 2008 and 2009), but possibly over a multi-year horizon, as investment banks fall under the sway of bailout laws and heightened regulatory scrutiny that applies to commercial banks.

In view of all this, are you thinking about getting out of an embattled, and perhaps hobbled, industry?

And if you don't have a job at present - or are employed outside of finance but have been seeking to break in, or to break back in - is what's going on now prompting you to turn away from finance toward other career options?

If so, where would you aim?

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