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Making the Jump From Accounting to Investing

What is the most viable way to move from accounting to investment analysis?

That question is on the minds of a fair number of eFC users, judging from the emails and article comments that we receive.

Within the U.S., financial-sector employers tend to view accounting and investment analysis as not just distinct roles, but as wholly separate career tracks with little potential for overlap. Elsewhere in the English-speaking world, a Chartered Accountant designation may be perceived as somewhat more fungible toward working as an investment professional.

In any case, moving from a bank or asset management firm's finance department into investment research or portfolio management remains a long-shot.

Does a road map exist for such a transition? If so, what are the most promising signposts - intermediate steps that might make the goal more achievable?

AUTHOReFinancialCareers News Insider Comment
  • dw
    18 August 2008

    I'm a cpa currently with a healthcare provider in ne ohio in a reimbursement analyst role and I'm totally enfatuated with the markets and would like to work somehow in an investment capacity, i.e. trading or whatever is deemed a good fit for my skillsets. I've started inquiring and knocking on doors as I just completed an emba program. I am also available to relocate, i.e. nyc, chicago

  • Mi
    12 August 2008

    Your best chance for making the switch is to find someone in the investment analysis industry (IB or PE) that values accountants or who was an accountant at some point. You'll probably only find an individual like this in a smaller firm. Good luck!

  • ns
    8 August 2008

    I have the Chartered Accountant license from the English speaking world, it seems like two different career tracks when you bring in question moving from Accounting to Investment Analysis.

    I am also a CPA here in US and have completed 2 levels of CFA. I still haven't been able to find a way to make a way into the investment analysis world. I will really be interested in knowing how you can use your accounting knowledge and the experience auditing the public companies to make your way to the Investment Analysis world.

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