Why do 'old' people work in the back office?

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Ok, early 40s isn't exactly an age at which you're likely be reaching for the Zimmer frame and the denture adhesive, but it's fairly antiquated when you consider that the average front-office banker is probably 15 years younger.

Research from the Observatoire des métiers de la banque, a French organisation with affiliation to local unions, suggests the average person working in custody/settlements in France is aged 38 and has been in the same job for the past nine years. Back-office staff in French project finance are an even more decrepit 44.

Unfortunately, the Observatoire doesn't have any figures for the average front-office person. However, BNP Paribas' most recent annual report also states that people working in its corporate and investment banking business are among its youngest.

Back in 2005, the ex-City of London Mayor Sir David Brewer informed a group of assembled banking interns that it was somewhere around the mid-20s in the City, and we're assuming this is still the case.

Do you work in the middle/back office? Are you surrounded by people who remember Margaret Thatcher? Why? Express your opinions below.