Would You Cut Your Bonus to Aid Your Firm?

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So the market's rocky and financial giants are taking billions of dollars in write-downs. Would you trade part of your bonus for better job security?

We asked eFC users whether they'd take a smaller bonus in order to help their firm. The results:

- Absolutely - 9.5 percent

- Only because I have to - 22.9 percent

- I worked, I earned - I expect a full bonus - 53.5 percent

- What happens, happens - 14.1 percent

We're not really surprised by these responses. In fact, they make a certain amount of sense to us. But what do you think - You may have worked hard, but if your bank's s got a sub-prime mortgage problem, do think bonus time is going to as happy this year as it was in 2006? Let us all know...

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