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AUTHORAnonymous Insider Comment
  • Jo
    Jon Jacobs
    14 December 2007

    Bill - Smart question, but you've chosen a poor vehicle for getting it answered. You're right to worry about the possibility; there was a celebrated lawsuit several years ago by a Harvard student who the university expelled after finding "expunged" records about her. But this isn't the type of question where you should be seeking (let alone trusting) answers from anonymous strangers on the Internet. I guess you fear you'd let the cat out of the bag if you posed your question to anyone you deal with personally (such as a career counselor at your university), who might be able to provide an authoritative answer. My advice is to think hard about whether you or your family personally know any attorneys - or anyone else with direct exposure to employment law and/or public records law - who you could trust enough to level with them and ask their advice. If not, then you should probably bite the bullet and pay a lawyer to research and answer it for you, in the terms most specific and relevant to your situation.

  • Bi
    13 December 2007

    Hello. I am currently working on my graduate degree in financial engineering. Can anyone tell me if an indiscretion from my past leaves me ineligible to be employed in the financial services industry? My record has been expunged, but but someone was telling me that certain employers have access to expunged records. I just want to make sure that I'm not wasting my time and money in school. Thanks.

  • Ma
    Mark Feffer
    30 November 2007

    Great question, Elizabeth. If you post it in Answers, too, you'll be able to keep track of replies as they come in.

  • El
    30 November 2007

    Can anyone tell me what is Valuation Advisory in relation to having 141 and 142 experience with Financial Services? And what type of companies employ these people?

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