A Good Time for a Sabbatical?

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If you've been thinking of taking a break, is this the right time to do it?

Jim Turley, head of Deutsche Bank's institutional client group is doing just that, reports Financial News. He's taking six months off beginning in March, following in the footsteps of his predecessor Brian Reid, who plans to return to work next year following a similar break.

It may be easy - and affordable - for most-senior bankers to take extended periods of time off, but

How about the average ABS trader who may as well sit the next year out, but has no guarantee of getting back in?

On one hand, recruiters emphasize the importance of a blemish-free resume. On the other, volunteering to take unpaid leave (after bonuses are paid out, naturally) might be just the ticket to help your desk reduce those fat overheads until business picks up.

So, should you stay around and be paid a relative pittance for doing nothing in particular? Or might now be a good time to take that trip to Peru you've always dreamed of? Your thoughts please. Just post them below.

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