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Readers Comment About Cantor's Hires, Interview Gaffe

This week's comments from eFC users include a reaction to Cantor Fitzgerald's reported expansion plans, and an instructive interviewing blunder.

Cantor Grows High-Yield and Mortgage Bond Teams

News of Cantor Fitzgerald's new desk leaders and headcount growth in the two bond market sectors hardest hit by the credit crunch drew a skeptical response from J CRU, who works in capital markets.

"You would have seen a similar article last year when they (Cantor) hired many people for middle market sales," he wrote. "Those people are all fired now. This firm is the king of 'we want to be in this business and will make a commitment'...and then turn around three tough quarters later and get out. Don't believe the hype."

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Six Things Not to Do During an Interview

In response to Suzanne Barlyn's Sept. 17 story that detailed employers' and recruiters' worst interview memories and the lessons they impart, Ms Bratton, who works in operations, volunteered a painful experience of her own.

A black woman interviewing for a supervisor position in an all-white office, Ms Bratton made what she admits was "a very stupid comment -- I said I like to be in charge. If there was a hole I would have jumped in and crawled out the door." The lesson she learned: "Don't express everything you feel out loud."

Self-control is certainly essential when interviewing - and in most other business situations, as well. But there's no need to give up if you slip up. If you catch yourself saying something dumb, you may be able to fully recover by immediately correcting yourself, as explained in this more recent story.

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