Does Variety Spice Up Careers? Readers Say No

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Comments posted by eFC users this week focused on a guest article touting the benefits of working in varied departments, and a Debate on whether Ph.D.s make better traders.

Guest Comment: Varied Experience Can Propel a Career

This story contributed by Bank of America campus recruiter Karen Kirchner prompted a few readers to question her assertion that exposure to a variety of business lines is a career plus for MBA graduates.

"From a personal standpoint, I think this article is a bit unrealistic," wrote Don. He tried to transfer from research sales to the research group, which "was ready, willing, and able to let me make the move," he says. "However, my boss nixed it because he felt I was too valuable to let me go. In my humble opinion, I believe the number of Wall Street firms that encourage movement among business lines are few and far between."

Yezdi, who works in investment banking, wrote, "I wish it were so easy to shift businesses as a result of attaining experience.... Being an MBA myself, it does not work that way in the 'real' world."

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Do Ph.D.s Make Better Traders?

GG, who works in asset management, wrote, "The value of the Ph.D. comes from the ability to think independently, come up with original ideas and pick things up on your own. It also gives your boss excuses in case things are screwed up, letting them say, 'Hey, we hire a Ph.D. for this, and he's smarter than someone with only masters level education.'"

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